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Why should you buy a property in Glasgow?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Investing in buy-to-let in Glasgow is a no-brainer. A bustling, modern European city with a vibrant student population, a thriving economy, vital transport links, and huge rental demand, Scotland’s largest city represents a golden opportunity for property investors.

Glasgow has one of the best rental yields in the UK for investing, with plenty of good capital growth and loads of exciting new developments underway.

There’s a reason why Glasgow was often referred to as ‘the second city’ in the UK and it’s still one the countries strongest – it’s bigger than Edinburgh, with a larger population and economy (the largest in Scotland, and the fourth largest in the UK, in fact!).

And, on top of all these great selling points, you’ll also get more bang for your buck in Glasgow, as it’s one of the least expensive cities in the UK to buy property.

Glasgow Fast Facts

  • Population (2021): 1,680,669

  • House Price Avg (2021): £150,129

  • Monthly Rent Avg (2021): £838

  • Rental Yield Avg (2021): 7.52 %

  • Time to Let Avg (2021): 31 days

  • Price Growth in five years: 15.05 %

1. The City Centre

The fashionable Merchant City is worth exploring if you’re looking to rent to young professionals, while areas like Townhead, Charing Cross, and Cowcaddens are all within walking and public transport distance of the city’s universities.

2. The West End

The best West End estate agents rarely have trouble letting properties in this stunning part of the city. Popular with young families thanks to its green space, young professionals thanks to its transport links, and students, thanks to its bars, cafes, and proximity to Glasgow University, demand for rental properties here is through the roof.

Of course, this level of demand has a knock-on effect, with many of the properties in the West End among the most expensive in Glasgow.

3. The East End

Home to Dennistoun, recently named the 8th coolest neighborhood in the world (the WORLD), the East End of Glasgow is chock-full of character. From the iconic red sandstone tenements to thriving independent businesses, the East of the city is particularly popular with students and young families.

4. The Southside

When you venture south of the River Clyde, you’ll find a mixed bag of property investment opportunities. A traditionally industrial area of the city, riverside regeneration has brought a modern feel to many areas, while others remain affected by social problems.

Jobs in Glasgow

Glasgow, being the economic powerhouse that it is, is packed full of highly skilled workers, making it a huge melting pot in terms of ethnicities and diversity. You’ll find a lot of financial services jobs, along with business services, IT, and education.

It’s actually been hailed as one of the most diverse and forward-thinking cities in Europe – which is really, really nice to hear. Glasgow’s also home to some more globally competitive sectors, such as Health and Life Science, Digital Technology, Low Carbon, and the Creative Industries.


This city is packed full to the brim with music (c’mon, you know if you’re going to a gig, you’re probably going to Glasgow!), arts, theatre, leisure, and sporting venues. It’s also great for hitting the shops, with one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK.

There’s also a very decent amount of tourism to the city, having been rated as in the top 10 world tourist destinations by Lonely Planet – alongside the likes of Chicago, Mexico City, and Lisbon.


Glasgow is an incredibly easy city to find your way around. It’s built on a grid system, making it simple and compact to navigate – and so well connected to public transport.

You can either get to where you’re going on foot or via the plethora of public transport links – including the famously nicknamed ‘clockwork orange’ tube service (being near a subway stop also means higher rents, by the way). There are trains, buses, or cycle paths.


Glasgow also happens to be one of the biggest student cities in the UK. The University of Glasgow alone has 27,000 students, with its main campus located in the West End (Gilmorehill) – and did we mention its £1 billion expansion plan?

The University of Strathclyde is home to another 21,500 students, with its main campus located towards the northeast of the city centre – and students more inclined to look for accommodation towards the East End and the Southside.

Glasgow Caledonian University – located in the city centre – is another big one, with 16,500 students. And finally, the University of Glasgow has plans for a new campus at Govan (one of our particular areas of interest) called the Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus.

Quality of life

It’s fair to say that Glasgow hasn’t always had the best reputation for the quality of life – with some parts being particularly poor – however, the city has been named the best UK city for millennials to live and work in.

Taking things into consideration such as employment rates, graduate work prospects, weekly earnings, and the number of new businesses starting up in the city, Glasgow is right up there with the best of them!

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